• Brazil’s deep recession shows signs of recovery

    Published at24/07/2016

    SÃO PAULO — As the world starts to focus on the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, economists here say they see signs another megaevent is approaching: an end to Brazil’s worst downturn since the Great Depression. Latin America’s largest country remains mired in a brutal recession, but some leading economic indicators have ticked up […]

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  • Goldman Sachs to invest $184 million in Brazil storage company: executive

    Published at22/07/2016

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) will invest 600 million reais ($184 million) in Brazilian storage company Metrofit over the next 6 years, betting on a recovery from the harshest recession since the 1930s, a company executive said on Friday. Metrofit, founded in 2012, is a joint venture between Brazilian real estate company TRX (TRXL11.SA) and […]

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  • Is Brazil’s Investment Climate Improving?

    Published at19/07/2016

    Contrary to public belief, Brazil’s investment climate may be improving.According to Trading Economics, Brazil recorded a capital and financial account surplus of USD$1720.30 million in May of this year.   While Brazil’s economy underwent a great recession last year, that resulted in a consumer spending contraction and a 30 percent rapid decline of the Brazilian […]

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  • Brazil: Financial Institutions Recovery Plans in Brazil

    Published at07/07/2016

    Continuing the process of adoption in Brazil of the international standards of prudential regulation, on June 30, 2016 the Brazilian Monetary Council (Conselho Monetário Nacional – CMN) issued Resolution No. 4,502 (CMN Res. 4,502/2016), laying down minimum requirements to be observed in the preparation and implementation of recovery plans for financial institutions and other entities […]

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  • Brazil Inflation Spikes in June as Bean Prices Surge

    Published at01/07/2016

    Brazil’s broadest measure of inflation accelerated more than all economists estimated in June, further dimming prospects for a rate cut, following a spike in the price of beans and other food products. Wholesale, consumer and construction prices as measured by the IGP-M index rose 1.69 percent in June after a 0.82 percent advance in May, […]

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  • Brazil and Russia now look like good buying prospects

    Published at29/06/2016

    BRITAIN’s vote to quit the EU has flipped perceptions of global political risk on their head. Brazil’s new government and Russia’s isolation represent a buying opportunity for Europe’s biggest asset manager as political chaos across the continent erodes developed economies’ traditional haven status. Even before the Brexit vote, price swings for bonds in advanced nations […]

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  • As Markets Bemoan Brexit, Brazil Beef Shippers See Opportunity

    Published at26/06/2016

    Britain’s decision to leave the Europe Union buffeted markets, spurred panic on global trading floors and prompted U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to resign. But for Brazil’s meat industry, the Brexit vote sounded like opportunity knocking. As a net-importer of food, the U.K. will probably have to adopt more flexible rules and be more opened […]

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  • Opinion: Brazil’s Good News Day

    Published at25/06/2016

    Opinion, by Michael Royster RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – June 23rd was a historical news day—Britons voted to leave the EU. Here in Brazil, it was also an important news day—one of Dilma’s former ministers was arrested for having skimmed money off a government-subsidized payroll deduction plan. That’s right, a government plan to make borrowing […]

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  • Latin America’s Morning Espresso: June 23

    Published at23/06/2016

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  • Good news for Brazil, bad news for India

    Published at22/06/2016

    Remember how they used to be called ‘the BRICs’ and were held up as the economic champions of the 21st century? Since then, the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China have experienced widely differing fortunes. Currently, Brazil’s economy is in deep crisis whereas, India’s can lay claim to being one of the few major emerging […]

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