• We have solid experience in the judicial recovery procedure. Along with that, we provide guidance in debts renegotiation and defend the interests of companies in financial difficulties […].


    • Evaluation and preparation of legal strategies for companies in financial difficulties

    • Legal defense in collection actions

    • Diagnosis on the pertinence and relevance of judicial recovery or other solutions designed to equalize companies debts

    • Debt classification and definition of operational strategies towards creditors

    • Issuing judicial recovery request

    • Guidance through legal matters regarding judicial recovery plans

    • Full support throughout court proceedings, the creditors’ assembly and after the plan’s approval

    • Tax installment requests

    • Legal support while negotiating operations issued by companies in bankruptcy process or protected by judicial recovery

    • Creating a positive impact on the client’s business activities

  • Our performance in corporate law covers advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), company formation, drafting statutes, social contracts, shareholder agreements and term sheets, plus, consultancy for partners and shareholders […].


    • Elaboration of statutes, social contracts, shareholder agreements and corporate documents in general

    • Assistance and legal advice on corporate matters

    • Advising on business restructuring operations and M&A

    • Consulting operations for the raising of funds, private equity, venture capital and issue of securities

    • Judicial and extrajudicial action in corporate disputes

  • Dosso Advogados is located in Ribeirão Preto, an agribusiness capital of Brazil, and is specialized on all legal fields for agricultural businesses […].

    • Contracts

    • Legal defense for agricultural companies and producers

    • Debts reorganization specialized on agricultural business

    • Judicial recovery for agricultural producers

    • Agri-environmental law

    • Asset protection and succession planning for agricultural businesses

  • We offer full legal advice in business and real estate projects […].


    • Legal structuring of businesses and real estate projects involving owners, investors and entrepreneurs

    • Creation of special purpose entities and drafting of partnership contracts

    • Formatting investment models and the financing (funding) of real estate projects, with the elaboration of agreements and other relevant legal instruments between shareholders

    • Creation of segregate estates

    • General consulting in division of estates and real estate development processes

    • Private allotments regularization

  • We use our legal knowledge and expertise to create solutions in order to prevent conflicts and protect our clients assets.

    • Consultancy for asset protection and succession planning

    • Counseling and advice to family businesses

    • Definition of appropriate legal structures to specific situations

    • Establishment of family businesses and equity holdings

    • Planning to minimize the tax impact on the succession causa mortis and on transfers of assets to companies

    • Preparation of testament and will

    • Judicial and extrajudicial intestate succession

  • Minimize risks and protect the interests of our clients in matters regarding civil liability are specialties of Dosso Toledo Advogados.

    • Preventive guidance for companies and liberal professionals

    • Preparation of consent terms for hospitals, clinics and physicians

    • Indemnity claims

  • Our labor law area aims to offer integrated, more efficient and lower cost solutions to our clients.

    • Consultancy for the structuring and / or formalization of corporate employment relationship

    • Develpment of integrated and efficient solutions to avoid labor contingencies

    • Consultancy on employment and work contracts

    • Litigation on labor claims

    • Patrimonial planning for companies and contractors


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